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Shanghai General Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai No.9 Pharmaceutical Factory), was founded in 1938, and the "General Brand" trademark has become a "famous trademark" in Shanghai. The company is located in Shanghai Xinzhuang Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, which is a new drug manufacturing and R&D base built according to GMP standards. The company mainly produces hormone oil injections, water injections, hormone suspensions, eye drops, oral solutions, ointments, eye creams, capsules, applicators and other eight categories, with more than 100 varieties of products.
Devoted to the R&D of human medicine, Shanghai General Pharma differentiates herself in formulation technology and manufacturing procedure of dermatological drug, injectable suspension of hormone and ophthalmic medicine. Ointment for skin drug and oculentum are well-known for its exquisiteness, identically distributed API and high bio-availability. The high stability, evenly distributed and smooth crystals are identified as the characters of the hormone suspension injectable of Shanghai General Pharma, which are welcomed by health professionals.
Chia Tai Pharmaceutical Group, one branch of Chia Tai Group listed in Hongkong stock market, has acquired Shanghai General Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in 2010. Chia Tai Group is a multinational group in a diversified business range with over 400 branches around the world. The multinational business operation experience and abundant capital support enables a more promising future for Shanghai General Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd to enter global market.

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